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                  View LCZ Maps

                  GeoPediaLCZ maps are now available for different cities globally. You can view the maps using the Geopedia online mapping tool developed by Sinergise.

                  Click on the Content tab and zoom into one of the following cities:

                  • Beijing
                  • Budapest
                  • Chicago
                  • Coimbra
                  • Colombo
                  • Dublin
                  • Guangzhuo
                  • Hamburg
                  • Houston
                  • Khartoum
                  • Kolkata
                  • Medellin
                  • Milan
                  • Nantes
                  • Sao Paolo
                  • Vancouver
                  • Vitoria
                  • Wageningen

                  As more cities are added, we will update this list. Contact us if you want to add your own LCZ map to the viewer.