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                  WUDAPT Workshop in Dublin

                  DublinThe first WUDAPT workshop was held at University College Dublin (7 to 9 July 2014) in which 16 cities were classified into LCZs. The objectives were:

                  • To develop a protocol for a global city database through discussions with experts in remote sensing, urban climate modelling, numerical weather prediction, energy balance modelling, planning, architectural design and the built environment, IT, GIS, land cover / land use and crowdsourcing
                  • To train local urban experts in developing the database for their city, which is then used to run a simple energy balance model
                  • To test the first draft of the training materials, which will be circulated more widely
                  • To discuss the way forward in terms of future workshops, conferences and funding opportunities.

                  To learn more:

                  • View a video from the workshop opening
                  • Read our summary report?for a description of the workshop outcomes