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                  LCZs 7 to 10

                  LCZs 7 to 10 contain the remaining urban classes

                  LCZ 7:? Lightweight low-rise
                  • lightweight building materials of 1 to 2 stories tall
                  • few or no trees
                  • land cover hard-packed
                  • large diurnal temperature range
                  LCZ 8:? Large low-rise
                  • large, openly arranged buildings of 1 to 3 stories tall
                  • few if any trees
                  • land cover mostly paved
                  • medium diurnal temperature range
                  LCZ 9:? Sparsely built
                  • sparse arrangement of small or mid-sized buildings
                  • natural setting
                  • abundance of pervious cover
                  • large diurnal temperature range
                  LCZ 10:? Heavy industry
                  • Low-rise and mid-rise industrial structures (towers, tanks, stacks)
                  • few or no trees
                  • land cover mostly paved or hard-packed
                  • metal, steel and concrete construction materials


                  Source: Stewart and Oke (2012)